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MULT 10 Overview
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Filled with pyramid-like structures

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GameShark only



MULT 10 (lacks a proper name) is the tenth Beetle Battle arena. It is unused and appears to be partly a copy of Volcano.

Under normal circumstances, If the player attempts to start a battle on MULT 10, the game will freeze. In order to battle on the arena, it is recommended that the radar is off, otherwise the game freezes. Once the beetles are on the surface of MULT 10, no boxes or ladybugs spawn despite the fact that pads for them exist (see Pads for ladybugs & boxes for more info). The exit (when all the ladybugs have been collected) is on the top of a red "platform" that goes up.

Names in other languages Edit

As stated earlier in the article, the arena doesn't have a proper name.

Language Name Meaning

Gallery Edit

Pads for ladybugs & boxes Edit

  • B = ladybug
  • Round test objects = boxes

There are 8 ladybugs and boxes. The layout is identical to Volcano.

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Unused: MULT 10

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